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Online Ordering

I love ordering things online. It's really fun to click the mouse and know that within a few days, a box of crochet goodies will appear on my doorstep

So, when I saw a Web site that I could join and get (and I quote) "Huge Discounts On All Your Stitching Needs," I couldn't resist. After registering, I was ready to place an order

Please enter your password. That is not a valid password. Return to the home page for assistance. Sorry, the home page is for users only. Please enter your user name and password. If you've forgotten your password, please answer the following questions and we'll email you a reminder:

  1. What is your dog's name?
  2. Where do you work?
  3. How many hours per day do you spend looking through patterns but not actually crocheting anything?
  4. How many copies of the same afghan pattern do you own because you forgot you already owned it when you bought another?

Next, I decided to try ordering by phone. A very sweet order clerk named Paula was oh-so-anxious to help me.

"I would like to order four skeins of item #627-B Ice Blue Baby Fingering Yarn."

"I'm afraid we've been out of that stock number for weeks."

"But I just called yesterday, and the clerk said not only did you have it, but it was on sale for a special price."

"Who was the clerk you spoke to?"

"She said her name was Margaret."

"Oh, well that was a temporary thing."

"The price was temporary?"

"No, Margaret."

So, I decided to give the Web site another try. This time I was able to log on, but then I had to find my way around.

To place an order, click here.
For yarn, click here.
For baby weight yarn, click here.
Now click here.
And over here.

Eventually I found what I wanted, placed my order, and clicked "Submit." A screen appeared that read, "Thank you for your order. You can expect your new toaster in 8-10 days."

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