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Crochet! Autumn 2022

Crochet! Autumn 2022

Must-have autumn designs! The 19 designs in this issue make bringing fall into your home easy. Find a plethora of patterns for your most colorful yarns, try a new technique, and add some stripes to your wardrobe!

  • Into the Woods! Donít let the season's chill keep you insideógo for a walk and enjoy the sights of the season with a shawl, a pullover, a cowl, a cross-body bag and a stuffed friend that will help keep you warm.
  • Fall Foliage! This issue takes a leaf out of nature with a foliage-inspired rug, throw, shawl and sweater. These pieces add the perfect finishing touches to your home and wardrobe, and they will keep you cozy no matter where your autumn adventures take you.
  • Back to Nature! Crochet the coziest autumn ever with a ruana, cardigan, pillow and throw, all featuring fall colors. Stitched with chunky-weight yarn, these projects are perfect for keeping you and your home stylish and comfortable

Plus, don't miss our Crochet Tutorial 101 featuring a fun technique with a beautiful texture. Use your new skills to stitch the stunning Ivy Neck Warmer. All this and more when you download (or subscribe) today!

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